Cloud Backup

We are offering you a secure, proven backup solution for your business using Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier.
Why use our backup solution?
  • Fast data transfer speed
  • Sydney based data centres
  • Multi platform: Windows/iOS
  • Cost effective
  • Secure
  • Email notifications
  • Access backup on your phone

Everybody has important data on their devices (laptop/desktop/server/phone/tablet) which needs backing up. Traditionally backups were stored on external drives (USB drives, tape drives etc.). Most consumer grade USB drives fail after 2-3 years.

For tax purposes, you must keep records for five years (charities for 7). Depending on your profession, it could be 7, 10 or more years. Keeping paper copies in a high transaction business is no longer an option.

We use Amazon S3 for data which changes frequently and Amazon Glacier for permanent archiving (cheaper price per GB).

If you currently don’t have a backup or you are unsure if your backup is working or you are only backing up to an external drive, please call us on +61 7 5500 3762.